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observer performance studies
•Evaluation of a Flat-Surface CRT Monitor
•Influence of Enhanced Visual Processing (EVP) of Chest Images on Workflow
•Performance on Film vs. Monitor - Chest Radiography
•Performance on Film vs. Monitor - Bone Radiography
•Comparison of Digital Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Systems
•Performance With Images Sent Across a Lossy Network
•Use of Image Processing in Chest Radiography
•Detection of Movement in the SI Joint Using Ultrasound
•Wet vs. Dry Processed Laser Imager Film
•Dose Reduction in Pediatric Radiology
•Experience-Related Differences in Performance for Film vs. Monitor Viewing
•Influence of Monitor Luminance & Tone Scale on Performance & Search
•The Radiologist & Automated Image Analysis
•Teleradiology & Telemedicine Applications
•Resident vs. Attending Performance with CT Head Exams
•Evaluation of a New Digital Specimen Radiography System
•Evaluation of a Digital Camera for Acquiring Images for Teleradiology
•Using Observer Models to Predict Softcopy Mammography Reading Performance: Influence of Monitor Phosphor
•Relationship of Image Quality to Decision Accuracy in Diagnosis of ARVC/D in MRI
•MTF Correction for Optimizing Softcopy Display of Digital Mammograms: Use of a Vision MOdel for Predicting Observer Performance
•Effects of Grayscale Window/Level Parameters on Lesion Detectability

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